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Speed along on a motorbike in this fun racing game

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MotoGP 2 2017
MotoGP 2 2014

When the first Moto GP launched in the previous year, it took off with wild speed and a spectacular burst of energy rarely found in video games. This motorcycle game lets you have the total experience of racing motorcycles, and you will also learn what an F1 feels like. This patented and famous brand of hell on wheels gives you a little taste of the motorcycle experience.

The Release of Moto GP 2

THQ first released Moto GP 2, and they have stayed popular since. The series launches with racers from real life, and you race on real motorcycle tracks across the globe. You may have asked yourself in Moto GP how things could get better, and in the second Moto GP 2, we have an answer to that question. The world has expanded and improved since the first title, and it has been a wild hit.

The Secret Formula to a Good Game

What's the secret of an excellent game that holds you at the computer for hours and hours? First, you have customization that hands you the freedom to build the world of racing however you see fit. Second, the racing experience has been slanted so that it fits more with your unique desires. In Single Player Racing, you can choose from six different types of racing. For example, you have quick race where you can choose from three different tracks. As you do this, you might unlock either the championship or stunt modes. Stunt Mode wins you points for performing stunts and clear different sections of the track at a pre-determined time frame.

Create a Racer and Get Started

Before the game starts, you will have the option to create a racer. You will then enter into training mode where you learn the most essential skills to racing motorcycles, and it also becomes a place where you can practice powerslides, hairpin turns wheelies and slalom skills. You can also do cornering and take advantage of some of the other abilities. After you have successfully completed each track, you will be handed a reward and points for beating it.

Who has Moto GP 2 been made for? All the fans of the first Moto GP will appreciate the high-adrenaline racing and the non-stop action found in the game. You may not always be taught about performance, but you will learn some of the more advanced maneuvers to help you come out on top in both the races and the stunts. Sometimes this game feels a little experimental where you have to practice and learn from what works and what sends you crashing over the pavement.


  • High adrenaline racing action from start to finish.
  • Tracks from the real world have been used and placed into the game.
  • Create your own racer and customize your racing experience.


  • Graphics are a little outdated.

MotoGP 2 for Windows 8 recreates the excitement of high-speed MotoGP racing on some of the world's top racing circuits while competing against the world's top riders and other online racers. MotoGP racing is possibly the world's most exciting type of racing that exists. That said, most people never will have the chance to swing a leg over a high-performance MotoGP bike. The next best thing is the MotoGP 2 software programs for Windows 8 users. It recreates the feel and excitement of battling it out on the world's MotoGP race courses without the inherent danger and high cost.

Windows 8 users can download free software trials of MotoGP 2and compete against the clock, the computer and other live racers as well as the world's top 20 ranked MotoGP racers. Valentino Rossi, Colin Edwards, Jorge Lorenzo, Ben Spies, Marc Marquez, Nicky Hayden and other top riders have computer-controlled likenesses that recreate each rider's racing style and bike. Users can race against their favorite riders, create racing teams and run their computer-generated bikes at real-time speeds exceeding 200 mph.

The new MotoGP 2 provides stunning new graphics that greatly improve upon the original version and help riders to feel the excitement of real MotoGP racing on some of their favorite tracks from around the world. The new version enables riders to better control the amount of front and rear braking while racing, which makes for a more authentic recreation of the real event while adding another texture to help separate the good racers from the great racers. That also enables greater stunt riding, such as stoppies, to make the game more fun.

Up to 16 users can race against each other and the computer through online racing. That makes it much easier to create racing leagues and battle against each other for the title of MotoGP world champion while also competing against the world's top riders. Many genuine MotoGP race tracks painstakingly are recreated for an authentic feel and experience. Racers can modify their bikes and adjust settings to improve riding performance, and riders also compete for pole positions before each race. The authentic feel makes for a great gaming experience with only few drawbacks.

Users generally find the controls difficult to figure out at first, but most master them with a couple hours of practice. Once competent with the controls, racers can compete on their favorite MotoGP courses against the world's top riders and other online users. The game does a great job of recreating the physical changes that impact riders and their bikes while traversing the top race courses. Failure to adjust lean angles, braking points and speeds will send riders careening off the tracks. Overall, the new MotoGP 2 is a terrific game for Windows 8 users.


  • Compete against world's top riders
  • Weather component adds excitement
  • Improved graphics add to visual appeal
  • Has highlight reels that users can unlock


  • Controls are difficult to master
  • Could use some more tracks
  • Not as good as Xbox version
  • Very similar to original version

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